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Climate change is one of the most pressing issues in travel, and here's a brief look at how it's impacting the industry.

Soaring temperatures are poised to make traveling around the world more challenging. But is climate change already impacting travel? And how is the industry responding?

We put the question to Ask Skift, our artificial intelligence chatbot. Ask Skift used information appearing in our past news coverage and we did additional reporting.

What Ask Skift Said About Climate Change and Travel:

Climate change is having a substantial impact on the travel industry. Here are some key points:

Traveler Perceptions: A significant portion of travelers believe that the damage from climate change has already occurred. According to an article from Skift published in April 2024, 33% of travelers thought that their individual travel choices wouldn't substantially affect climate change. In the same survey, 44% of respondents believed that governments would make the most difference in combating climate change, while 43% thought it would be travel companies.

Influence on Travel Preferences: Climate change is also influencing travel preferences, with an increasing focus on sustainability. For instance, a report highlighted that 97% of Indi